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Democracy Is Fraud! – We Need Monarchy!

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Dmitry Smirnov is one of the best known priests in Russia and has a very large following. He is ubiquitous on television, radio, and YouTube, where his videos frequently get 100s of 1000s of views on his channel. (Russian only).

He is a brilliant public speaker and excellent at debate, known for his sharp wit and quick comebacks. He is especially loved for his sermons, which are all on his YouTube channel, and is by far the most popular preacher in Russia.

He is a leading Russian anti-abortion activist, very outspoken in his criticism of LGBT, and an advocate of home-schooling. He heads the Russian Church’s Committee for Family, Motherhood, and Children, and loudly insists that Russians start having large families of four or more children, or else they will be overrun by Moslems.

You can see all of the article we have published about him here. His website has links to his audio podcasts and all his media appearances.

Father Dmitry speaks frequently to the public in his sermons and elsewhere, about the fact that to succeed, Russia must return to monarchy, and that democracy is a hoax that only favors the wealthy.

This is a great example of him doing so in a 10 minute discussion on the nation’s leading political talk show – ‘Evening with Vladimir Soloviev’. (The host, Soloviev, is Jewish).

Note that the audience applauds him at almost every sentence, which is not typical on this show.

What Smirnov says is extremely interesting, well worth listening to, or scanning the transcript below. He believes that hereditary monarchy is problematic, and that monarchs should be elected, as in the Byzantine empire.

– So only the worthy and famous got into power?

– The most worthy. The glorious ones. The ones who earned a name. It’s just wrong. A homeless alcoholic has a single vote. The principal of the Moscow State University also has a single vote. An old officer who rose to the rank of General and a green recruit who can’t tie his own shoes properly. Everybody has a single vote. Is that what you call democracy? It’s fraud! (applause)

– But that’s what democracy is like. What’s so bad about democracy? Could you suggest another option?

– Democracy allows some people to shamelessly and insolently manipulate others. (applause)

– The USA is often used as an example of true democracy. They’re doing just fine.

– “Fine” is a broad term. I wouldn’t want to be doing “just fine” in the USA even if somebody paid me ten million dollars. (applause)

– Well, I don’t think anybody would do that. Why though? Many Americans believe in God and go to church on Sunday much more frequently than Russians do. What’s wrong?

– Many of those “believers” go to sects instead of churches. It’s important to bear that in mind. Their foreign policy and the fact that they print money for the whole world allow them to create better conditions for their citizens. That’s clear. (applause)

Their wages and retirement benefits seem higher if we compare the bare figures. But when the government controls your every step and you have zero rights in your society, it weighs you down.

– What rights do they lack that we have? You mean we’ve got so many rights and they’ve got zero? We’re comparing the real states which aren’t perfect.

– Well, my American friends… Most of them are of Russian origin. They whisper even inside their own cars. And you and I can openly discuss anything live on TV.

– That’s true, even though whispering in one’s own car sounds a bit odd…

– I’ve seen it with my own eyes. And it didn’t happen just once.

– Father Dmitry, some people require psychiatric care. It’s quite popular in the US.

– Some of our people require it as well. (applause)

– That’s true. Ok, so which path should  Russia choose then? People who’ve just tuned in might think: “Wow, what are they suggesting here?? What about our roots?”

– I’m not suggesting anything to anyone.

Thats too bad.

Some people, including Vladimir Solovyov, ask me what I think…

– That’s right.

– …what I’d do. And I tell them.

– What would you do for Russia? Which path would you choose?

– Monarchy, of course. We’ve always had monarchy. It’s in our blood. The Russian people who built this country, who built all spheres of our outstanding culture, did it under a monarchy. The end of monarchy symbolized the beginning of the dark days that started in 1917 and wreaked havoc upon our country.

Our lifestyle was destroyed, our freedom of travel restricted. Families with multiple children became uncommon. The class system was eliminated starting from its core – the peasants, who were the most pious Christians. Now, the fields that our ancestors had worked for 900 years are either barren or covered in forests. (applause)

– It’s a tragedy.

– Everything is ruined. Everything created by the Soviets has ground to a halt, is not working anymore.. Sometimes, my occupation makes me travel across the country. It looks as if an army marched through the place yesterday. The country looks like it suffered either another Siege of Stalingrad or an invasion by  Genghis Khan. (applause).

– But didn’t your beloved tsars lead Russia to a catastrophe? Didn’t Peter the Great do great harm to the Orthodox Church? Didn’t your tsars bring about the events of 1917 that led to the collapse of the House of Romanov?

– Their mistake was that they were not decisive enough.. Somebody, please, forgive this old man, I forget the name, said that if a few  thousand people had been hanged there would have been no revolution for the next 100 years.

– A nice Christian approach.

– Yep.

Imagine, a man comes to your house holding two knives and starts stabbing your family. How would you respond?

– With a bullet.

– Good, God bless you. You’re a true Christian, Vladimir. (applause)

– You don’t say. But Peter the Great was quite decisive: hundreds were executed.

– He was raised in the German enclave. He borrowed a lot from Holland and the other countries he visited. Being a Russian person whose heart and mind are always open, he was mesmerized by clarity, order, skill, and so on. He thought that his strong will, charisma, and title would allow him to make Russia a European country.

He did a lot of harm, including making the Church one of his Ministries. Yes he harmed us. But the essence of the Church remained the same. Moreover, he was heavily influenced by Mitrofan, the archbishop of Voronezh. Peter respected him and he managed to soften Peter’s harsh temper. At the beginning of his reign, Peter personally executed some soldiers. He felt his executioner wasn’t up for the task. “Give me the axe,” he said. However, reaching the end of his life he became rather serious…

– Was he saying: “Chop ’em, I’ll watch?”

– Well, kind of. Anyway, he became much less brutal.

Once again, monarchy doesn’t seem to be an ideal option.

– You see, a monarch doesn’t have to be born into a royal family. A monarch should be elected.

– So we get something like the Roman Empire?

– The Byzantine.

– The Eastern Roman Empire.

– Yes. You see, all people are sinful

– That’s true.

– We pray: “May thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.” But if all the logs are rotten the house will eventually collapse. The system must be adjusted. However, people shouldn’t suffocate their leader with a pillow when they want to change them. They should be elected legally by the parliament, electors, and so on. Wealth shouldn’t be the determining factor when choosing the electors.

– Their worthiness should?

– Yes, their worthiness, and this should reflect their contribution to society, for example, perhaps they were brilliant scientists, or excellent government ministers

– Ok, so  whom should we elect to be our monarch?

– I have no idea. Let the people decide.

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Viral Russian Parody of Smash Hit ‘Hideaway’ Depicts Typical Village Life (Music Video)

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And on a lighter note …

One of upsides of life in Russia is the rich sense of humor here.  

Here’s a parody of “Hideaway” by Canadian pop diva Kiezsa, (original video below) which gave the previously unknown starlet an astounding 90 million views on Youtube within 3 months of its release in February 2014.

The parody was made by the amateur comic dance duo, “Bonya and Kuzmich” of Perm, a provincial Russian city 800 km east of Moscow.  

It has 5 million views on the Russian internet, but hasn’t really broken out into an international audience. 

Before discovering internet stardom, Bonya was a shoe saleswoman, and Kuzmich a cafeteria cook in Perm.

It has a lot of witty references to Russian country life.


Here’s the original by Kiezsa:

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

Anyone is free to republish, copy, and redistribute the text in this content (but not the images or videos) in any medium or format, with the right to remix, transform, and build upon it, even commercially, as long as they provide a backlink and credit to Russia Insider. It is not necessary to notify Russia Insider. Licensed Creative Commons

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German doctor faces charges after administering thousands of self-made vaccines

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A millionaire German doctor is facing criminal charges after vaccinating an estimated 20,000 people with a self-developed vaccine against Covid-19.

Some 200 people were queueing for a jab at the airport in the northern city of Lübeck on Sunday when police arrived and closed down the improvised vaccination centre.

A police spokesman said doctors had already administered about 50 vaccines: not from BioNTech or Moderna or another recognised producer, but a home brew by Dr Winfried Stöcker.

The controversial doctor, who is also the owner of Lübeck airport, insists his jab is 97 per cent effective against Covid-19.

Dr Stöcker was not present, did not administer vaccinations and faces no charges, according to his lawyer Wolfgang Kubicki, a leading member of Germany’s Free Democratic Party (FDP), which is part of Berlin’s new coalition government.

Lübeck state prosecutors see things differently. On Monday, they announced an investigation into four doctors, aged between 61 and 81, for involvement in the unauthorised vaccination centre.

Dr Stöcker may also face legal action for running an unlicensed vaccination campaign, which is considered a criminal offence under Germany’s Medicines Act. 

Contacted by the Bild tabloid, Dr Stöcker said he had not submitted his vaccine for approval because the process would “take too long and cost millions”.

“We have a responsibility to the patients, not the state, but the police stopped everything,” said the 74-year-old.

In May 2020 Dr Stöcker claimed to have developed a traditional vaccine – without any external assistance – similar to that used against tetanus, using inactive pathogen cells to activate the body’s immune system.

The doctor says he tested the jab on himself and some 100 volunteers before rolling out the vaccinations around the country. In total, he claims some 20,000 people have received a dose of his vaccine.

“Some 2,000 of them are under observation, no side effects were noted to date,” he said. “There were virus breakthroughs in 10 people.”


On his website, he says his “Lubecavax”, a three-dose vaccine, has proven highly effective. Some 376 friends and colleagues were vaccinated with the substance during the summer, he wrote, and “97 per cent developed high concentrations of antibodies against coronavirus”.

“In our view the ‘Lübeck vaccine’ is safe, effective and presumably the most suitable vaccine for children,” he adds in a blog post. “Doctors have the right to mix together compounds that they believe will help people.”

In this assertion he is drawing on a 2000 German constitutional court ruling which forbade federal authorities from prohibiting an experimental treatment of two doctors using stem cells.

News of the rogue vaccination has horrified German medical authorities. The Paul Ehrlich Institute, which is responsible for approval of medicines and vaccines in Germany, said on Monday it had offered Dr Stöcker assistance with testing in September and December of last year, but that he had not responded to the institute’s offers.

The hurdles to vaccination licensing “are deliberately high”, the institute added, “to ensure the maximum possible security for participants in clinical trials”.

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Denmark school closes due to suspected Omicron Covid-19 case

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Odense Municipality confirmed the closure in a statement on Monday after informing parents and pupils on Sunday evening.

The Danish Patient Safety Authority (Styrelsen for Patientsikkerhed) said on Monday morning that the case is suspected of being linked to the new Omicron variant.

READ ALSO: Denmark does not rule out new travel restrictions after Omicron variant detected

The authority recommends contact tracing up to “third” contacts, or people who have been in contact with suspected close contacts to the confirmed or “first” case.

Pupils and teachers in the same class as the confirmed or “first” case are considered “second” contacts, with close contacts to the class the “third” link.

People who fall into these categories are asked to isolate at home until they have tested negative on the fourth and sixth days since the potential contact.

The school is closed as of Monday while contact tracing is undertaken.

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